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Energy generation is one of the largest and most profitable industries worldwide. Despite efforts to improve energy efficiency, the world has an almost insatiable need for more energy driven by population growth and increasing wealth. This leads to a need for both traditional energy production like oil and gas, coal and nuclear, as well as renewable energy sources.

In the energy industry, there is a big transformation ongoing both in improving the efficiency and sustainability of the traditional energy sources, but also to drive a larger share of renewables. Northern European countries have been in the forefront of driving this transformation, both to create a lower carbon footprint in oil and gas and in sustainable energy solutions as offshore wind and electric vehicles.


Arkwright has worked broadly with the Energy sector, both in oil and gas, hydropower, onshore & offshore wind, heat & power generation, biofuels, energy efficiency, energy storage & regeneration, electric propulsion, nuclear service & decommissioning etc.

In many segments, Arkwright is working with leading global players within respective niches and have an extensive global network and market knowhow. Arkwright is helping define the industry agenda, e.g. on topics like digital automation, energy storage & regeneration and more environmentally friendly propulsion. Some examples of topics and verticals:

In the industry, Arkwright has worked on:

  • Offshore Wind
    Value chain understanding, growth strategy, service strategy, infrastructure investment opportunities. Worked across the value chain including subsea surveys, installation vessels and services, service vessels, foundation and substation construction, EPCI, cable production and installation etc.

  • Hydropower
    Creative financing strategies, cost and improvement programs, investment strategies etc

  • Energy storage/ regeneration
    Arkwright has worked quite broadly with topics related to energy storage and regeneration in several segments including maritime and oil and gas

  • Electric propulsion and equipment
    In several segments, there is an ongoing transformation towards electric propulsion and equipment, which is more sustainable and also has better functionality

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