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The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Demography and increasing life expectancy drives customer behaviour, interest rates to or below zero, and price pressure on products and services. Regulators’ concerns for consumer protection in the aftermath of financial crises lead to new requirements on the industry, and new concepts such as open banking.

Traditional players are facing competitors with new value propositions, in new ecosystems, with new revenue models, and increasing disintermediation. Successful financial services businesses will have the ability to adapt to emerging customer needs and change towards increasing transparency, integrity, sustainability and cost effectiveness, manifested through increasing efforts in digitalisation, machine learning and big data to mould attractive customer offerings and efficient ways to reach the customers.

Arkwright Hamburg Financial Services

At Arkwright, we see these market changes as opportunities for our clients. For us, GRC also means Grow, Reinvent and Charge, growing our clients’ business by reinventing their strategies and offerings through innovative and sustainable business models, pricing strategies and cost structures. This is backed by our experience of over 1,000 financial-services projects delivered in over 30 years of operations.

We design and implement tailor-made solutions for our clients, leading to more growth, profitability and efficiency. In doing so, we combine the know-how of the digital pioneers in the Nordics and the experience of the digital leading edge of Asia with a deep understanding of the insurance and banking industry and landscape. This allows us to anticipate market developments and transfer know-how.

Our clients include global and regional companies, as well as focused specialists:

  • Insurers, reinsurers and insurance brokers
  • Fund managers, mutual funds
  • Retail banks, savings banks and building societies
  • SMEs and corporate banking providers
  • Aggregators and sales organisations
  • Online comparison platforms

Typical projects include:

  • Overall strategic direction
  • Product and market landscaping, and competitive analysis
  • Commercial due diligence and post-merger integration
  • Development of growth and sales strategies
  • Development of product features and terms
  • Pricing analysis
  • Digitalisation of core processes incl. use of artificial intelligence
  • Data analytics solutions; design of behaviour-triggered client-management processes
  • Restructuring, cost reduction and process optimisation with a focus on customer centricity and efficiency
  • Organisational development and control of change processes

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