Maritime and Ocean Industries

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We have extensive experience from the maritime industry, supporting both investors, vessel owners and suppliers across a wide range of shipping segments.Arkwright brings to the table a deep and nuanced understanding of the key market dynamics that impact the maritime industry built through comprehensive project experience.We help our clients navigate the opportunities presented by digitalization and the green shift in the context of the ever-present industry need to reduce costs while maintaining safe and high-quality operations. Project examples include:

  • A wide range of commercial assessments and due diligence processes of equipment suppliers for the maritime industry
  • Growth strategies for technology and software suppliers, including initiatives to capture the opportunities of the rapid digitalization of shipping
  • Assessment of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies to set a “green” strategy for a leading vessel owner

We are also active in the rapidly growing aquaculture segment where we serve both farming companies, suppliers and investors in strategy processes and transaction assessments.Arkwright has a project track record that spans the entire aquaculture value chain and we have in-depth knowledge of all the major farming regions, including the regulatory and macro drivers that shape the market landscape.Our recent work has touched on the key trends impacting the industry such as land-based farming and technologies aiming to limit the negative impact of lice. Project examples include:

  • A broad set of commercial assessments of equipment suppliers and service providers to the aquaculture industry – both offshore and onshore
  • A detailed assessment of the long-term production potential of land-based farming
  • Several projects on growth strategies for equipment suppliers, including expanding into new regions and species
  • Market strategy for a leading salmon distribution company