Navigating rough waters

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For the last ten years, Arkwright has provided strategic consultancy services to a leading Nordic financial services provider with approximately 40 B EUR in assets under management.

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Our tasks for this client have included: facilitating a distribution strategy for external partners; creating a leading position in the broker channel; supporting digitization in the development of an award-winning online channel for insurance, savings and loans; and supporting post-transaction integration. Although the industry, during this period, has suffered a financial crisis, sovereign debt crises and decreasing customer promoter scores, the client has continuously ranked high with its customers while substantially increasing the volume of assets they have entrusted to its management.

“Enable superior growth by developing new offerings based on emerging customer needs”

Facing ever-increasing competition, price pressure and upcoming regulatory changes, this client asked Arkwright to help develop a new business model for its life and pension operations. We worked with them to create an internal incentive model to safeguard profitable growth by stimulating changing behaviour in the marketing organization, and to take steps to expand their customer offerings and price model. The principles for the new business model were endorsed by the client’s steering committee in 2013.