Our approach

We are pragmatic about methodology, but passionate about results.

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We get the issues

To help solve our clients’ most strategic challenges, we put methodology second to understanding the issues and the context surrounding the issues.

To make sure we run in the right direction, we first place the issues in the right industry context to fully understand the clients’ way of thinking. Running fast makes little sense if you run in the wrong direction.

We get insight

The insight needed to tailor a solution requires placing the right data in the right context. Instead of rehashing old models and old data, we prefer building an exclusive knowledge base for individual clients based on extensive industry research and interviews with market players and key stakeholders. Being able to interpret the different data points and figure out what they mean for our client takes patience, creativity and iteration. Once we fully understand the implications, we can work with our clients to find the best way forward.

We get implementation

To add value, strategic decisions must lead to results. We convert strategies into action, observe the effect and implement corrections as the industry context unfolds. Our success hinges on our ability to deeply understand a client´s long-term needs and act on our insight in a way that continuously builds a long-term competitive advantage. Our clients tend to stay with us because they trust our advice and share our passion for building long-term value.

“People at Arkwright have enthusiasm, are available and have the knowledge of analyzing and breaking things down to the core.”