Retail and FMCG

The retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets are among the largest in the Nordic region and in Europe generally. Companies in these markets are undertaking fundamental transformations such as vertical integration of value chains, shifts from brick-and-mortar to online stores and innovative ways of interacting with customers.

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Over the last two decades, Arkwright has worked extensively with leading players in the retail and FMCG markets. Our work — ranging from investment analyses performed for investors considering entering the sector to detailed product-line profitability studies for established industrial players — has involved us in hundreds of projects in most of the European markets.


Retail FMCG Case

The group was formed by a merger of independent retailers and wholesalers in the 1990s, since which time Arkwright has been a strategic advisor to the group’s management, board and owners.
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