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The broad high-tech industry has in recent years experienced rapid growth and often been named as one of the fastest growing industries globally. Technology companies live and drive disruption as they change industries, how businesses operate and how we live our lives. Within the technology space different companies face different challenges; while incumbents battle transformation and the threat of disruption, startups & scaleups strive to grow fast enough to survive and eventually master the transition from challenger to an established company. The winning formulas differ but still hold some common denominators such as abilities to address actual customer needs, engage customers, innovate in continuous-release software development, prioritize hard and attract the best talent.

Arkwright has been working with a broad set of technology and software companies that offer solutions to various industries and end-users including:

  • Business software: ERP, accounting, finance, procurement, HR, BI/analytics
  • Data platforms and data driven decision support tools
  • Industry 4.0 solution providers
  • IT operations
  • Digital payment solutions

We support both well-established companies as well as scale-up/growth companies and our experience covers a wide array of functional topics such as:

  • Development of winning strategies e.g. growth strategies, customer-centric strategies, partnership strategies or strategic frameworks for how strategically manoeuvre in rapidly changing business environments
  • Business model, pricing, go-to-market modeland sales strategy optimization to increase scalability/recurringness and drive customer satisfaction and growth
  • New solution design of company structure, organizational structure or critical operational processes to align with strategic priorities and position for the future
  • Change management to realize organizational and operational effectiveness

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